About Monotypes

This technique is highly versatile. The materials, the tools available to apply them and the techniques to transfer to paper create a long list.

Water color, oil paints, blockprint, etching and litho inks are a few of the materials that can be used to paint a monotype. Brushes, rollers, dabbers, palette knives and cloth begin the list of potentials tools to apply and remove the paint from the plate. An etching press or a number of hand tools can be used to transfer the painting to paper.

The piece below, Full Moon Rising, was painted with oil etching inks applied to the plate with rollers, brushes and finger tips. The moon was created with a drop of paint thinner and a rag removing the lavendar in that spot to allow the white of the paper to be the moon. All of the white shapes in my work are where the paint is removed and the paper allowed to show.

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Moon Rising (detail)