A WOMAN’S WORK – interior/exterior exploration

The Brush Art Gallery, 256 Market St., Lowell, MA

Saturday January 26, opening reception 2-4, Artist talk March 3, 2pm.


“A Woman’s Work… Interior/Exterior Exploration” examines viewpoints of six accomplished women-artists: Stephanie Roberts-Camello, Betty Canick, Leslie Graff, Pamela Lawson, Michelle Lougee, and Carole Rabe. The title is also a play on the phrase “a woman’s work is never done.” Each artist is tied to the theme by interpreting nature or using architectural elements in their work.  

Pamela Lawson and Michelle Lougee explore natural environments of sea creatures and worker bees. Leslie Graff and Carole Rabe capture domestic surroundings of the American home. Stephanie Roberts-Camello and Betty Canick incorporate both interior and exterior worlds.




Habitat/ion at MASSART

On Exhibit from June 15th – July 15th 2017

Sandra & David Bakalar Gallery, 621 Huntington Ave, Boston, MA


BZZZ at Gallery Blink

On exhibit from June 23rd – July 16th 2017, at 1963 Massachusetts Ave, Lexington, MA

Foraging I

Honeybee Flight I
Honeybee Flight I


Honeybee Flight II
Honeybee Flight II

Honeybee Flight III
Honeybee Flight III

Red-Wings, Bees & Blossoms, Spring 2017

Check Gallery Blink in Lexington, MA for their printmakers exhibit IMPRESSIONS starting Friday 4/21/17.  These Blackbird images will be there.

Also check POWERS GALLERY in Acton, MA for some new honeybees.

Listening X

Black Birds on Bowers Brook IV

Black Birds on Bowers Brook
Black Birds On Bowers Brook I

Black Birds On Bowers Brook III
Black Birds on Bowers Brook III

Bees and Blossoms II
Bees and Blossoms II

Gathering I
Pollen Gathering II