A WOMAN’S WORK – interior/exterior exploration

The Brush Art Gallery, 256 Market St., Lowell, MA

Saturday January 26, opening reception 2-4, Artist talk March 3, 2pm.


“A Woman’s Work… Interior/Exterior Exploration” examines viewpoints of six accomplished women-artists: Stephanie Roberts-Camello, Betty Canick, Leslie Graff, Pamela Lawson, Michelle Lougee, and Carole Rabe. The title is also a play on the phrase “a woman’s work is never done.” Each artist is tied to the theme by interpreting nature or using architectural elements in their work.  

Pamela Lawson and Michelle Lougee explore natural environments of sea creatures and worker bees. Leslie Graff and Carole Rabe capture domestic surroundings of the American home. Stephanie Roberts-Camello and Betty Canick incorporate both interior and exterior worlds.



Exhibit at Lawrence Academy, Groton, MA

LANDSCAPESthree visions

The exhibit will run from October 18 until December 14 in the Conant Gallery of the Richardson-Mees Performing Arts Center, Lawrence Academy, Groton, MA

Encostic paintings by Sharon Wooding and oil paintings by Jill Pottle are also on exhibit

The gallery is open 8am until 5 pm Monday through Friday

Triptych and diptych – working with multiple plates toward a single image


Surfacing 14 30×46 inches
A plate, or more than one plate, can be printed several times on the same paper to produce a triptych (3 panel image) or diptychs ( 2 panels). The resulting image becomes somewhat narrative suggesting a shift in view or a progression of time. Some of these pieces are large for monotypes (though certainly not the largest) ranging from 24×40 inches to 30 x45. Usually I work on a panel a day, keeping the paper damp between printing. The most difficult things are to register (align) the image panels on the paper and to control the very large piece of paper while lining it up.

See the goldfish and koi, large scale page for more images.